A brief philosophy of ministry

❏  We hold to the Christian Faith as it is contained in the Apostle’s Creed. We are also subject to the subordinate standards of doctrine held by our denomination. Especially helpful is the Confession of faith.

❏  We hold to the value of expository preaching, that is, preaching based on the text of Scripture, as opposed to merely “topical” or “motivational” preaching, which is sometimes based on current fads.

❏  We believe that the goal of worship is not merely edification but transformation. We believe in the power of God to transform every life.

❏  We hold to every member ministry. The task of ministry is not the special domain of a class of clergy. Every Christian has a call on their life that God wants them to fulfill.

❏  We believe in offering pastoral care to all in need regardless of their age, sex, or social standing.

❏  The Christian is to live by the power of the Holy Spirit in conformity to the unchanging and eternal Law of God.

❏  The family is at the heart of God’s dealings with the world. A healthy family makes for a healthy society.

❏  Every marriage can work with God’s help and with a thoughtful commitment on the part of both partners. I offer counselling to people struggling in their marriages. Click here if you wanted to get married.

❏  Racism, sexism and other kinds of discrimination are inconsistent with the Gospel. All people are of equal value before God and in Christ.

❏  True faith prizes moderation and tolerance together with an unflinching commitment to truth.

❏  Faith must be heartfelt, thoughtful, and engage others.

❏  The greatest act a man or woman can undertake is to open their heart to God’s love.

❏  The Christian grows in faith by reading the Scriptures, by prayer, pursuing holiness, and living a life of service to others.

❏  Although it is possible for one to be a Christian without ever going to Church, those who truly love God will also love Christ’s Church, for how can one love the Head and despise the body?