What’s up with WhatsApp?

Reasons not to use WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a program that exploits its users by:

– Sharing personal data that WhatsApp collects with Facebook
– Requiring the user to run non-free software either in the form of JavaScript code downloaded and run in the browser or through their app.
– Collecting personal information about each user and selling it to third parties
– Locking the user into continued use and publicly shaming users when they discontinue their use of WhatsApp services by broadcasting in every group that the user has left the group, rather than explain that the user no longer uses WhatsApp.
– WhatsApp force feeds information about people in your contacts lists which one cannot turn off.
– WhatsApp tracks one’s location and shares that information with other users.
– WhatsApp Messages cannot be deleted unless within a few seconds of being sent. This is a malicious feature which is added by design.
– WhatsApp substitutes real communication between people with a communication based on convenience.
– Built in software features designed to get the user to habitually use WhatsApp.

(c) Raoul Comninos