Great work for the poor undertaken by Michael and Karen Buttner

We wanted to alert our folks to a great work undertaken for the poor at this time by our very own Michael and Karen Buttner. Below follows a letter from Karen about the work she and Michael are doing.


As some of you may know Michael and I started an NPO called 100ForChange in 2016.  Our constitution does not allow for supplying food to those in need but on Good Friday Michael said that it was weighing heavily on his heart that we need to feed those in need during these uncertain times and for as long as possible as our country moves through the different stages of lockdown.  We immediately sprang into action and called for a vote from our committee members.  They were all in favour of a constitution change and we got the ball rolling.

We took to social media to ask for any monetary donations and put the word out there that we were looking for families in need to feed.  We delivered our first food parcel on Good Friday to a family and since then we have not stopped.  Our aim is to repeat feed families during this period so that they can be assured of a food parcel once a week.  We delivered our third repeat feed parcels this past Saturday to 20 families.

We then heard about a woman in Parow who runs a shelter for abused women and children.  Besides running the shelter she feeds 100 people in the community three times a week.  We got involved there and managed to present her with a brand new gas burner.   We also give her food supplies on a regular basis which she uses to cook her meals.   We also support Ruyterwacht Neighbourhood Watch who cooks meals for residents on a daily basis.

The donations we have received and continue to receive is overwhelming to say the least.   No donation is too small because every cent that comes in is being used to purchase more stock.  We are tired and our garage looks like a warehouse, but we are so happy that we can supply families with a food parcel, albeit just the basics.  I cannot imagine anything more heart-breaking than not being able to put a meal on the table for your family!

If anyone in our church family is in need of a food parcel please do not hesitate to contact us.


NPO number: 2016/155089/08
PBO number: 930059598